Who is Scott Woods?

Scott Woods is a librarian, writer, poet and critic that runs one of the most successful poetry open mics in the Midwest. You can buy his books, Urban Contemporary History Month (2016) and We Over Here Now (2013), in all major online retail outlets, but you can laugh at his free shit right here. Please be warned: Scott writes mostly as a satirist who happens to read a lot of books here. If you want to fight, the whole of the internet awaits you. Scott got Playstation to do.

Website: www.scottwoodswrites.net
If you want to read Scott’s writing-only blog, go to Scott Woods Writes
If you want to read Scott’s food reviews, go to Real Black Talk on Real White Food
If you want to read Scott’s experience with creating a Halloween costume, go to The Neil deGrasse Tyson Costume Project
If you want to read Scott’s adventures in making a Stephen King themed train set, go to The Stephen King Train Set

13 thoughts on “Who is Scott Woods?

  1. My hip, Brooklyn cousin just sent me your post about 2013. I had to forward it to all since I’m not on The Facebook. You are hilarious, smart and a solid writer. Just bookmarked you. Cheers!

      1. I dont even know where to begin. First of all, the use of foul language proves your inability to be fair and honest. Furthermore, your predesposed ignorance of race due to miseducation and lack of critical thinking prevents you from being a good critic. For example, for racism to exist then there must be different races. The “scientific community” says that there is only one race therefor nobody can be racist. You tell a lie long enough and people will begin to accept it as truth. You should be more concerned with the real threat, the jesuit palistinian jews who use the blacks as a scapegoat to divide and conquer. This has happened throughout history. Kennedy/Lincoln/Napoleon/Ceaser ect… they were killed because they were going to produce a debt/intrest free currancy that couldnt be controlled and manipulated by them.. How can a war even be civil?! Americas government was articles of confederation not constitution, they used blacks as scapegoat to create a more central goverment they could control. Dr King was shot because he had change of heart and was about to unvail the truth, communist consiracy. His closest people were members of kgb, he worked for them thinking he was bringing equality for blacks but all he did was be a pawn to further divide and conqur. Go read Color Communism Common Sence written by manning johnson black guy, , he got out and told his story before he was killed. http://manningjohnson.org/book/CCCS_1.html

  2. I just read the review of R.Kelly’s Black Panties and nearly lost my voice laughing! I love your writing. style and perspective! I’m glad you’re the voice of those who oppose the foolery among us! Keep up the excellent work!

  3. I’ve been searching for good, intelligent, African American writing and commentary and have found myself in the right place.

  4. Your perspective on life is hilarious. I’m an elementary school librarian and enjoyed your list of picture books. I’ve needed a few recommendations to add to my library. Thank you!

  5. Scott, your post on Prince speaks to me very deeply. I can’t believe that the whole world hasn’t just stopped everything to mourn. I am useless right now with how much I miss Prince being in this world, and I’m at least comforted to know that you feel the same way.

  6. Hi Scott,
    I’m looking for an ‘animated’ film. American made? Approximately made about 20-25 years ago. It featured cartoon like figures, depicting workers on plantations and their plight in trying to transfer over to better work on other neighbouring plantations. Sorry for the loose despciption. Can you work your magic here?
    look forward to hearing from you.

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