All of Scott’s Online Books

While doing some organizing in the vault, I realized I don’t make it very easy for people to find a certain block of my work: online books. I’ve written a number of things that were originally intended to be read only online. Most of it is poetry, but not all of it. Some of this stuff made it into proper books, but some of it still only lives on the internet. For future reference, here are all of those books:

The Poet Must Take Care of The Musician (2020)
This book is a short collection of advice about organizing, sprinkled with some thoughts on the work of turning ideas into art and culture. A lot of it is the kind of thing I wish someone had told me starting out. Some of it is stuff I still need to remind myself of.

I Never Freeze: Black Panther Poems (2018)
A charity-offered project made to help a friend raise money to get some Chicago students to see Black Panther. I didn’t intend for it to be a bunch of love poems, but it is. Even the “This is America” remix is a love poem.

I’ll Be You When You Get There (2019)
Another charity project, this time to raise money for school supplies for students at South High School in Columbus. This is the only one in which I didn’t do the poems, opting to collect work from people from all over. I thought it would be easier. It wasn’t.

Muse Arcade (2014)
I posted a list of poem titles and challenged people to make a chapbook using the same titles, in the same order. This is my version of it. I loved being able to feature poet and friend Siaraa Freeman on it.

Autumn (2012)
A love letter to my favorite season (albeit written in June), all of the poems for this chapbook were composed in a 24-hour period with a strict structural requirement. I get tired of people acting like form makes poetry harder, and while that wasn’t a point of the collection, it was a bullet on the agenda.

Last One Given (2013)
This is my favorite one on the list, and it shows. The cool thing about doing ebooks like this is that you can do anything with the page. Coupled with my urge to amplify the actual experience of reading, this ebook was a precursor to the design of my second print collection, “Urban Contemporary History Month”. I wanted to make a book that was fun to read as an act, regardless of what it was about. So there are all kinds of Easter eggs in here and it’s still a joy to read.

Black Panther art by Bryan Christopher Moss

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