So Serpentor walks into an NSC meeting


If you are of a certain age or have a predilection for old cartoons, you will recall the old G.I. Joe show from the mid-80s. The primary antagonists were COBRA, a well-heeled terrorist organization led by the asthmatic and mirror-faced Cobra Commander.

If you stuck with this political caprice for a season, you will also recall that at some point COBRA had a meeting and they got tired of taking Ls to the Joes, who, while piss-poor shots with a body count of exactly zero, were still blowing up all of the things. EXPENSIVE. So they literally hatched a plan to engineer a super soldier to lead them into even crazier levels of mayhem, installing Serpentor, the most COBRA-est of COBRAs!

But at some point they realized they were still losing just as much as they did under Cobra Commander…they just had a sicker-looking dude in front, a dude with a snake helmet on ALL OF THE TIME. Like, even at meals. And they decided that if they were going to keep taking the Ls, they didn’t have to look comically evil while they did it. So Cobra Commander came back and things went pretty much back to normal. They still kept Serpentor around in the back, being all reptilian and sneaky and wildin’, but it felt like the Joes were winning even though, like I said, zero body count.

So, Steve Bannon.

One thought on “So Serpentor walks into an NSC meeting

  1. I tried to reblog this but then I realized that I didn’t have a blog so that was pointless but I still want the credit for the thought.

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