To The White Woman Who Thought My Saying I Wanted Chicken Meant I Wanted Her Opinion

People have been asking what I’m really like. This video of me on stage in Vancouver is probably the best current example I have to offer. It’s a poem about white people and black people and the truth between us, which is chicken.

7 thoughts on “To The White Woman Who Thought My Saying I Wanted Chicken Meant I Wanted Her Opinion

  1. Hands down you were heart-poundingly phenomenal. I love how you write about the difficulty with such ease. Side note: Are you not studying people in a generalized biological manner too, tho?

  2. The greater the doubt the greater the awakening. No doubt, no awakening.

    Your mind creates reality. The way you attend the world is the world you live in. Everyone lives in their own world. Stephen Hawkins proved that the tip of our noses is in fact the center of the universe. That means where ever each of us stands and looks out is a center. All points of view are valid. I have never met one black person who is like all the rest. They are all so very different.

    It’s the chicken joke that’s canned.

    I like your work not because I want to be liked. Or approved of. I suppose consideration would be an honor, but it’s not necessary. I understand why you don’t want to.

    But you are missing out on a real human. Not a shallow one. And that’s the sad part of racism. I don’t believe black people can be racists against white people. I do comprehend white supremacy and the patriarchal constructions.

    I wont attempt to engage you in further discussion. Because I do hear what you’re asking for.

  3. Brilliant! Been following your digest for ages, but this is the first time I’ve seen your perform – and it was superb. Now you’ve done Vancouver, when are you coming to the UK?

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