Clinton/Bush ’16 is already the worst season of The West Wing Ever

This is probably the only official thing I’m going to write about the elections. And while it’s early, I’m going to really impress you and call it now: the election will come down to a Bush and a Clinton…again. For those of you for whom the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is autobiography, it’s not like it’s the first Bush we’ve ever had in the Oval Office. Or the second. Apparently the Bush clan hands out the Republican nomination for president as a Christmas president every few years. At the same time, Secretary Clinton so expects America to bow down and Beyonce-kiss her ring that she didn’t even show up for her own candidacy announcement.

I’m most concerned that, as a so-called republic, we can’t come close to installing someone for president who isn’t a Clinton or a Bush. Knowing that the election is going to come down to that completely facile and manufactured “choice” makes me seethe against my citizenship. We’re so deficient as a society that we can’t come up with a single OTHER reasonable American candidate – not one person out of 206 million eligible voters, just to skim the cream – than a Bush or a Clinton? Not a single governor or senator or PTA president? Not one Eagle Scout? Not one independent candidate is going to make it to the table? No one? Out of JUST 206 million eligible voters? We should all be disgusted. If you ever doubted that politics were completely staged, that’s all the evidence you need to learn otherwise. It’s called an oligarchy. Google it.

Looking at U.S. politics at the twilight of the Obama era is like trying to convince someone you’re in band by playing a record over the phone while you’re “at rehearsal”, only to have the record skip, revealing you for a charlatan. U.S. politics is theater, literally. They have completely given up on pretending that they’re not using a democratic process. Politics in this country have become so cartoonish that I can’t even watch The West Wing anymore, and I loved The West Wing. But if Aaron Sorkin wrote this episode I would turn off the TV, claiming he’d really jumped the shark this time, and I still watched it after they made me like a Republican character for, like, the twelfth time. Come on, son.

I am seriously considering not voting at all, which isn’t as criminal as it sounds, even now: of the 206 million people eligible to vote, only 58.2% of us came out to vote in 2012, down 3.4 points from 2008. Maybe I’ll hold on to my vote and wait to see how the odds play out, maybe take a little action on the side on how many fewer voters will show up for 2016. I’m going to go on record with my bet now: I got five bucks that voter turnout drops 8%, with an over/under of 2 points. Such is the malaise of our political system. Such is the daily and criminal negligence of our politicians and their pandering.

In short, this season of The West Wing is going to suck. You guys let me know how it ends. I’m going to see what’s on Netflix for the next year.

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