Race Against The Machine #13 – Epic Boss Level Wrap-Up of 2014’s Racism

On the last podcast of 2014, the fellas – Scott Woods and AaronNoName – go into the recent New York cop killings, give reviews of Annie, The Hobbit and The Babadook, and then revisit 14 topics from 2014 in a whirlwind of racial chicanery! Everything from Ebola to Bill Cosby to the Westboro Baptist Church gets the business. It’s the best way to say goodbye to the old fashioned racism of 2014 and hello to the systematic oppression of 2015!

Topics include:

Westboro Baptist Church
Donald Sterling
The Open Carry Movement
Stephen King
Washington Redskins
Stephen Smith
white allies
The Secret Service
Bill Cosby
Lesbian mother with black baby
Princess Land
The Hobbit



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