10 Immediate Reactions To the Dunn (Non-)Verdict

Tomorrow, when I’ve had sleep and dinner and talked to all of the people I talk to when shit like this goes down, a cooler head and bigger words will likely prevail. Tonight, watching the news unfold, this is the straight un-cut reality I am navigating in my mind and heart:

1.  Things have always been this way. The day you don’t think your black friends know that is the day you become part of your black friends’ problem.

2. I am struck by a vision all of the silly, hoodied, loud kids who come into my ghetto library every day that I’ll want to hug instead of evict now.

3. Florida, come on. You should be tired of this movie as much as I am.

4. I almost can’t even get it up to be mad about this. Sad, of course. Fearful, yes. Mad? I don’t know. If I were surprised, I’d be mad. As it stands, I’m not surprised. You do the math.

5. I am so glad I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.

6. There should be a moratorium on Photoshopped pics for 24 hours after a verdict like that.

7. I’m not ready for the “prosecution overcharged…AGAIN” discussion yet. Check back with me on Tuesday or something. Wednesday I should be ready to go there with you. But save your black friends that argument for at least 48 hours.

8. Black History Month has never felt so impotent. That’s not a typo.

9. I keep thinking, “Who would I want to hear from at a time like this?” All I can come up with is “Jordan Davis.”

10. I don’t need any allies tonight. I need a wailing moan, then silence, then prayer, then sleep. Tomorrow, I will need distractions. Monday? Monday I may need allies.


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