5 Art Projects That Will Blow Your Mind

The famous yet elusive street artist Banksy is doing an open air residency in New York this month that’s drawing a lot of attention, and rightly so. It’s provocative, funny and gratingly smart. I’ve always enjoyed his work, and I like that a lot of people are getting turned on to him. As someone who occasionally inhabits extreme artistic boundaries, this got me thinking about other cool, sometimes extreme art projects. Below are five truly awesome projects that I find not only speak to the very nature of art, but what value we place in it…or don’t.

1. Banksy – “Art Sale”
This is new as of yesterday and part of Banksy’s current NYC residency. The commentary here kind of speaks for itself, even without words.

2. BLU – “MUTO”

The first time I saw this time-lapsed piece I lost my shit. The sheer amount of work that had to go into the art to make this video possible is mind-boggling.

3. Jem Finer – “Longplayer (The 1000 Year Long Musical Composition)”

Somewhere, right now, there is a song playing. It’s been playing for the last 13 years. It will still be playing when you’re dead.

4. Ryan Gander – “Locked Room Scenario”

Picture yourself walking through an art installation that you can’t exactly see, not because it’s dark, but because it’s being purposefully coy and obtuse.

5. Coudal Partners – “The Museum of Online Museums”

Want to see a museum exhibit across the country? How about on the other side of the world? Want to see a dozen of them? Want to see hundreds of them? How about an exhibit of nothing but dice? Or re-purposed joysticks? Or a gallery of nothing but motel postcards? MoOM will not rest until it has captured every museum in the world online in one place…and at least 12 hours of your life per week.

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